The Center for Optimal Learning and Training – Home of Montrose School is an independent, non-denominational, coeducational, school for students ranging from two to kindergarten. The unifying mission of this school is to provide a stimulating environment for young developing children so that they can realize and learn to celebrate their optimal academic and artistic potential in a happy, loving setting which they look forward to each day.

Montrose School was founded as one arm of the Center for Optimal Learning and Training (COLT) on the basis that children with special “gifts” are a precious resource and they need to be understood and guided. In addition, teacher training must be appropriate to the needs of the children.

In the administration of educational policies and on all our school programs, we are proud and happy to have a diversified student body with a different race, sex, religion, and national origins.

Montrose School is fully accredited and certified by the State of Maryland Department of Education. All our faculty and teachers have training in Early Childhood Education, Foreign Languages, Music, Fine and Performing Arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Please come and visit us today at Montrose School located in Montrose Parkway, Rockville, Maryland. Or give us a call at 301.770.4233 or contact us via email. For admission click here.