From: Nerla Bertrand 

My 2 year old son has been going to Montrose School for less than a year now but I must say that he is truly happy in his class. There are lots of activities for him to do on a daily basis (french, spanish, stem, etc). At home we practice numbers and colours with him.. but it shows that they work on it at daycare because he knows his numbers and colours rather well for a 2 year old. The kids are great, the teachers are great and the best of all is that my son is well cared for. That takes a lot of stress off a working mom.  That was a real struggle for me.  Overall they get a 4.5 star! Happy son! Happier mom!
From: Naja Somersall
My review is noted below. 

“Montrose School provides an excellent academic foundation for my child while helping him feel in a loving family-oriented environment. Mrs. Brown (Kindergarten teacher) has years of experience and provides the structure that my child needs to succeed. Since he started in September, he has made tremendous improvements in her class. Montrose School follows the STEM program, so my son gets exposure to not only academics, but also to music, art and foreign language lessons. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants their child to exceed in learning given with the best nuture and care.”
From: Elizabeth Burrows
I have 2 kids in Montrose school in the last 2 years. My older son finished there and started kindergarten and he was well prepared.  When we started there,  my son got all the attention he needed since he didn’t know English at all. The teachers were sensitive,  warm and compassionate and tolerant.  My younger daughter is now in the Jr PreK.  When I was pregnant with her, I knew she would go to this preschool as well because I saw the way Ms. Chantal treats those small toddlers with great love and respect to their needs.  My daughter gets extra care since she can’t eat dairy products and the staff is very attentive and follow my instruction on a daily basis.


Chantal is a kind human and professional person and teacher she treats kids in her classroom with love and gives a lot of warm and attentive.  I am grateful I found this preschool.   Ms. Narema, the Program Manager,  makes everything possible so that this school will give the kids all they need, we have great parties in which parents are invited, from mothers day, fathers day, Christmas, Halloween graduation parties and of course birthdays. Ms. Narema created a simple environment where we can communicate easily with here and when I need her help she is always there for me and my kids.   I feel that I got another family here for my kids. 

Dear Ms. Narema,
I wanted to thank you again for running such a wonderful school. We are so lucky to have our boys there. The teachers work so hard and really care for the children. Montrose School is such a perfect size and has a great family feel. The playground is one of the best of any preschool around, and we love that the children get good outdoor time, exposure to different languages, and so many other opportunities. The celebrations and field trips you plan are absolutely amazing too. Thank you also for providing three meals for the children! We have been at four other schools and Montrose is the best. (Not to mention, I can’t believe why Montrose School is SO much less expensive than any other school. We would gladly pay 50% more)!
Talk to you soon,

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